Craig House Farm

Craig House Farm is a 16 acre heritage farm nestled in Canada’s Ottawa Valley. A boutique breeding operation, managed by Patricia Close and Donald Greenfield, it was originally based on breeding from select Champion Hanoverian mares. We are now principally concerned with our last foal Totem by Totilas out of our Elite Canadian Champion Hanoverian mare Denebola/Donnerhall. Totem has had and continues to have a stellar dressage career under owner/rider Karen Pavicic, winning a Grand Prix CDI at nine years old. Totem was named 2021 Hanoverian Horse of the year. Totem has been approved by both the ISR-Oldenburg/NA and Reinland PfalzSarr International (RPSI) registries as a breeding stallion. Although gelded Craig House Farm has retained some semen available to breed select mares.

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