Totem/Totilas Semen - for Sale

Craig House Farm has retained 10 doses of semen from the Totilas stallion Totem, out of our Elite Hanoverian mare Denebola/Donnerhall. Born in 2012, he was bought as a foal by Jayne Essig and Karen Pavicic, a member of the Canadian Silver Medal team at the 2007 Pan Am Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and a member of our 2015 WEG team in Normandy France. In 2017 Totem was approved as an Oldenberg stallion following a 2016 approval by Reinland PfalzSarr International (RPSI). In his first FEI test in Florida as a 4 year old he received the score of 74%. In 2017, in the FEI 5 year old class at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival, he scored each test in the mid 70s including a 77%. He was then chosen, as one of three young dressage horses in North America, for the Dressage Showcase at the 2017 Omaha World Cup with Isabell Werth. Totem is featured in Isabell Werth’s training videos.

Totem was writen up in Dressage Today (June 2017) and the Chronicle of the Horse article: “Isabell Werth teaches how to use the basics to build a Grand Prix horse” (April 1, 2017).

Totem continued to be a star winning FEI 6 and 7 year old classes at the Adequan Global dressage festival in 2018 and 2019. As Karen Pavicic, his rider/trainer posted at the end of of 2019 season in Florida “What an amazing weekend or Totem to end the Florida season!!! Winning both of his FEI 7 Year Old tests at the AGDF CDI Week 10!!! He received a 4.768% average in the Preliminary test and a 75.415% average in the Final today! With 2 different panels of FEI judges he scored a 79% and 80.9 % respectively for his collectives! I’m really excited for the future with this star! What an amazing weekend for Totem to end the Florida season!!!” (March 17).
And then he did better, doing his first PSG test and Inter 1 freestyle (with over 70% from a panel of 3 FEI judges) to win the $50,000 2019 Omaha Team Challenge.

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SIRE Gondola II
DAM Ninette
EM Denebola
SPS Dukate

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  • Totem 2016

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Totem Video

Totem Video

Totem at Omaha 2017

Totem at Omaha 2017